Who We Are

Lyne Vendely is a Master Beekeeper with a vision to spread the message of protecting and re-establishing an environment that is friendly to not just honey bees, but to all pollinators.    

Lyne ( and her assistant  / husband Ed ) began helping the bees with 12 hives started in 2001.  We now average 20 plus hives and are proud to offer you Sweet Betty Bee’s honey and hive products. Naturally produced in western North Carolina without pesticides or antibiotics, our honey is raw (unheated and unfiltered), leaving intact its amazing nutritional composition. Minimal straining removes larger bits of beeswax and spare bee parts while allowing pollens to remain (though for purists, we sometimes have a limited quantity of Cutcomb, honey in the natural comb).

As local as it gets for folks around here, our honey and beeswax come from country bees on our farm in the Big Pine Community just outside Marshall, North Carolina. Our hives also gives us the deep satisfaction of possibly giving something back in the bigger scheme of things due to the bees pollination activity .  

We see our apiaries as a partnership with the bees and with the whole of Mother Nature. Since we can't control where our bees forage, we cannot claim that our our honey is organic (bees will forage miles from home), but we do practice organic principles to the greatest extent possible by finding alternatives to pesticides and antibiotics. Additionally, we do not feed corn syrup to our bees. Honey and pollen are bees’ natural diet, and that is what we prefer to let them eat.  

Our strong belief and slogan is thusly
Healthier, happier bees make better honey©

Raw Honey for Sweet Health

Healthier, Happier Bees Make Better Honey

We Think You'll Enjoy The Difference!


2015 Winner of International Black Jar Tasting Contest 

NC Regional and State Fair multiple Blue Ribbon Winners

   5  lb.  Bulk Jug Liquid Honey

  Liquid Raw Honey in a 5 lb. jug with convenient flip-top dispenser.         Similar in size to 1/2 gallon container.

Liquid Raw Honey

Liquid raw honey in classic/queenline glass jars :

Your choice of sizes  -  2 lb. (32 oz.),  1 lb. (16 oz.),  or  1/2 lb. (8 oz.)  

Chunk Honey

Liquid raw honey with a chunk of capped honey comb included. 

 Various glass jar shapes and sizes available seasonally.

Creamed Honey

We use an all natural process to transform liquid raw honey into a creamy spread for biscuits, toast or crackers. We do not use any heat or additives, leaving all the nutrition and enzymes fully intact!  Raw honey with a butter-like consistency.  

Available in glass "skep" or round jars;   24 oz. ,  10 oz.  and       oz.  

Wedding / Party Favors

Liquid raw honey in a small 2 oz, glass hex jar.  Case of 12 

Bees Wax

We sometimes have a limited quantity of Bees Wax in Medallion or block form.

A Look At Some Of Our Hives

   Drinking From The Source

              Snowed In

             Hanging Out


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