Who We Are

 Sweet Betty Bees Honey & Hive began in the year 2000 when Ed wooed Lyne with a bottle of his 13 year-old persimmon mead.  It was good.  Very good.  Sadly, his honey supplier was retiring, but when Ed suggested that perhaps Lyne might take up beekeeping, being an old farm girl and all, she said yes, she believed she could do that.  And she did.  Ed became the Heavy Lifter.

They began with 12 hives.  Twelve, because that's the point at which Brushy Mountain Bee Supply, RIP, gave a price break. One year they lost two hives. One year they lost all but two.  Some years they've harvested over a ton of honey.  Sweet Betty now averages about 20 production hives, some queen rearing castles, and 20 or so nucleus colonies, and proudly  offers you Sweet Betty Bee's honey, nucs, queens, and hive products. 

Naturally produced in the Big Pine valley near Marshall, in western North Carolina, our honey is sold raw (unheated and unfiltered), leaving intact its amazing flavor and nutritional composition. Minimal straining removes larger bits of beeswax and lost bee parts while allowing pollens to remain.  For purists,  sometimes frames of honey in the natural comb are available.

                Healthier, happier bees make better honey.

Raw Honey for Sweet Health


2015 Winner of International Black Jar Tasting Contest 

NC Regional and State Fair multiple Blue Ribbon Winners

Nucs and Queens 
Bred and born right here

We are committed to producing bees that are bred and born right here, believing that these are the bees best acclimated to thrive in our region.    Our stock has evolved over the years primarily from Italian, Caucasian, Carniolan and some of those "little black bees", resulting in fine Mountain Mutts.  

5 frame nucs include a proven, 21 day laying queen.  Deep nucs are standard; medium nucs can be had by request.   Deep singles  may also be available on a limited basis.

Our apiary is certified annually to sell bees by the North Carolina State Bee Inspector.   

 Bee production is very seasonal and quantities are limited.  Nucs and queens are sometimes available for pick-up on a same day or next day basis but nucs are often grown to order and may take one to three weeks.  Please call for availability.   828-231-9657











   5  lb.  Bulk Jug Liquid Honey

  Liquid Raw Honey in a 5 lb. jug with convenient flip-top dispenser.         Similar in size to 1/2 gallon container.

Liquid Raw Honey

Liquid raw honey in classic/queenline glass jars :

Your choice of sizes  -  2 lb. (32 oz.),  1 lb. (16 oz.),  or  1/2 lb. (8 oz.)  

Chunk Honey

Liquid raw honey with a chunk of capped honey comb included. 

 Various glass jar shapes and sizes available seasonally.

Creamed Honey

We use an all natural process to transform liquid raw honey into a creamy spread for biscuits, toast or crackers. We do not use any heat or additives, leaving all the nutrition and enzymes fully intact!  Raw honey with a butter-like consistency.  

Available in glass "skep" or round jars;   24 oz. ,  10 oz.  and       oz.  

Wedding / Party Favors

Custom containers available, we'll work with you.

Bees Wax

We sometimes have a limited quantity of Bees Wax in Medallion or block form.

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